Monday, December 6, 2010

난 당신이 그리워요

I'm addicted to post in Korean, for no reason. I watched T concert again, yeah AGAIN. And yet, TXVQ is still my love. They are kinda like planted in my heart and they root grew deep inside of me. Is hard to take it out, and i don't wish to.

I still remember how sot that i used to call 재중 my hubby! LOL, that was few years back. I definitely won't regret for how sot i had been for them because they worth it.

Love in the Ice

식어버린 작은 손
차갑게 떨리는 입술
아무 일도 없었다고
고개 숙인 체
누군가를 추억하는
네 모습 두려운 거니
입안에서 맴도는 말
애써 삼키며
외면했었던 뒷모습이
새하얀 눈처럼 조금씩 녹아내려
어두워진 밤하늘을
떠나지 않는 별처럼
사랑이란 믿음으로
영원히 함께 하는 꿈
그사람 내가 될 수 있다면
다시 한 번 굳어버린 그대 맘을
영원의 따스함으로
감싸 안을 꺼야

현실의 벽에 부딪혀
시려오는 가슴이라도
흘러내린 눈물의 끝에는
흐려져가던 빛 줄기가
어둠 속을 환하게 비추고
이 시간에 스며들어
숨이 멎을 벅찬 가슴에
뜨거운 체온을
서로 느낄수 있어
누구라도 안고 있는
상처와 깊은 한숨들
끌어안아 줄 수 있는
그 공간을 찾고 있어
나 단 한 사람 그대에게만
속삭이는 설레임에
눈이 부신 그 날의 세상이 되어
곁에 있을 테니

세상 끝에 홀로 my heart
남겨졌다고 혼자였다고
아주 오래도록
내가 지켜낼 사랑이니까
어두워진 밤하늘을
떠나지 않는 별처럼
사랑이란 믿음으로
영원히 함께 하는 꿈
그사람 내가 될 수 있다면
다시 한 번 굳어버린 그대 맘을
영원의 따스함으로
감싸 안을 꺼야


Shopping with family today. Ahh...if i meet a genie now, WOW!

Genie : 소원을 말해봐!
Me : Give me 3 more wishes! And..i seriously need money!
*Desperate nya aku!! >.<>


Money = A current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes

Trust me, money sometimes can be scary.

Aigoo...there were tonnes in my wish lists. I saw lots of stuff but I can't buy. How torturing was that!!??!!

Ha! But I'm going KL with Broon on the 8th and I'll shop again. How happy??!! LOL..the excitement in me is shooting up! Imagine, my life during holidays was like a bird. Living in a cage. Friends studying. I'm rotting.

Finally on the 8th, taddaaaaaa~~~~ fly!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


이제는 밥을 먹어도 눈물없이는 삼키지 못해
억지로 먹고 먹어도 속이 늘 허전해
노랠 들어도 흥얼대지도 못해
영화를 봐도 내가 뭘 본 건지 기억 못해

밥도 잘 먹지 못해 니가 생각날까봐
니 생각에 체할까봐 니가 떠난 후로 오늘도 눈물로 하루를 먹고 살아
버스도 타지 못해 누가 날 욕할까봐
우는 날 놀려댈까봐 아무것도 못해 너 없인 나 혼자 살지 못해

이제는 술을 마셔도 눈물없이는 마시질 못해
아무리 병을 비워도 너만 더 생각해
살아서 뭐해 넌 내 곁에 없는데
혼자 뭘 어째 아무것도 할 수 없는 난데

밥도 잘 먹지못해 니가 생각날까봐
니 생각에 체할까봐 니가 떠난 후로 오늘도 눈물로 하루를 먹고 살아
버스도 타지 못해 누가 날 욕할까봐
우는 날 놀려댈까봐 아무것도 못해 너 없인 나 혼자 살지못 해

너 없이 웃는 것도 난 못해 너 없이 걷는 것도 난 못해
아무것도 아무것도 못해

내겐 니 사랑이 필요해
혼자 살아서 뭐해 니가 더 잘 알잖아
너 없인 나 안되잖아
너 밖에 몰라서 너 없인 밥조차 먹지 못하는 난데

차마 죽지도 못해 니가 돌아올까봐
언젠간 날 찾을까봐 아무것도 못해
오늘도 내일도 너만 원해

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Silence, PLEASE!

External noises, you still can control..But internal noises kinda like driving you crazy isn't? Tell me what can I do? And..definitely you are not the person i'm gonnna share about my problem anymore. Well, my expectation too high or what? You don't know anything about me..whatever. It doesn't matter anymore.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bet Trip @ Genting

Whenever we talked about trip, first place came into our mind was Genting. We had great great time there! Let the photos bring you the message. *Lazy to Type*

*wait till u die the lobby*

*went outdoor to feel the wind on our face*
*Starbuckie moment*
*time to sleep, but we didn't*
*next day-tummy filled with the foods on the table*
*jumping photo*

That's our trip. Location isn't important. But the people is!

House Attacked

My phone was buzzing.

"We come to your house now!"

I was like "HAAaaa??!!!! No!!!" My house was 'kelam-kabut' , but blablabla.....*argue*
"Come at 2"
"No, now."
"NO, 1"
"No, 12."
"OK, alright. I ciao now."

And clean my house immediately after that.

Di-attacked, but i was happy!!!! And this was the result..

Bets YumCha@KFC

I gotta post something that happened recently first. I need some time to recall back. Nah, see..that's the result of laziness!

Picture does tell a story!!!

As you see, bets gathered = hurricane!

10 of us were there, and you'll wonder.."but i only can see 9"

Yeah..that's right. Not because of Ah Chee was taking photo but she went home early, before our craziness reached the peak! Must take next time! No one can go home early!!

Whenever I meet with the people above and the one who went back home early that day, my sotness level would be seriously high on that day! That's the power of betbet! Hahaha!!!

We got so much to catch up. Just try to imagine..even when last time in school, tuition, we'll talk non-stop. What will happen with these people never meet for months???

If there's a start, there's always an end. But I hope that our friendship doesn't ends!!